Friday, 26 April 2013

First Cape Limited Release Merlot 2011

8 GBP about $15An elegant combination of ripe plum and black cherry complemented by dark chocolate that lends complexity to this blend.

I bought this to serve to friends at a buffet lunch party and was complimented by more than one person on my choice.
It is medium bodied enough to drink on its own but went well with an assortment of food. I would order it again as my regular house red.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Merlot a Day - Lisa McGuigan With Wayne Mansfield

he Lisa McGuigan Silver Collection is about celebrating some of Australia's best region-variety combinations so join the party with this 2011 Barossa Shiraz.

This Barossa Shiraz is dense, bright red in the glass with a rich nose showing dark fruit with hints of youngberry and raspberry. Rich and elegant, it's a real fruit-driven style with plush, concentrated flavours, firm yet juicy tannins and a great mouthfeel. A real crowd pleaser and a great result from the 2011 vintage.

Value: $20 a bottle                     Wayne Mansfield Ratting: 4 out 5 Glasses

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Barefoot Merlot California USA

Barefoot Merlot
Founded in 1986, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey introduced Barefoot Cellars wines. "We loved the name and the concept of being barefoot and living the carefree lifestyle," stated Harvey.

They launched the brand with two varietals, Barefoot California Cabernet Sauvignon and Barefoot California Sauvignon Blanc, both in the 1.5 Liter size.

In early 1992, Barefoot Chardonnay was added to the Barefoot repertoire and Barefoot White Zinfandel in late 1993.

The wines were recognized by awards, acclaimed wine writers and repeat customers. "We couldn't keep up with the demand which meant that it was time to grow the staff and add more 'Barefooters' to our team! We started working more directly with distributors, hiring merchandisers and sales people," stated Houlihan. Jennifer Wall, Barefoot Winemaker, was hired in September of 1995.

"Barefoot California wines are perfect as everyday dinner wines for wine connoisseurs of all levels of experience," comments Wall. "The wines are affordable, varietally correct, soft and approachable and are immediately ready to drink off the shelf."

Tasting notes

Barefoot Merlot is a luscious wine with alluring flavors of boysenberry and chocolate. Hints of anise and subtle tannins complement the decadent, silky finish.


May 2011 Ultimate Wine Challenge

Food pairing

Beef, poultry and dessert are just a few of the places this wine can go.