Thursday, 13 June 2013

Spark Plud Merlot 2010 Oranje Tractor Wine

Couldn't find a picture of the merlot so here is
celeb chef Curtis Stone visiting the Tractor
Mmmm such an interesting story IF the people behind  Oranje Tractor Wine actually out some notes on their website... it is like they have been seduced by Facebook but even there they have forgotten about the WINE!!

From the website here is what they have about their red wines:

" 2008 Merlot Velvety, Smooth & elegant " that's it!!

Ray Jordan from the West Australian Wine Guide has expanded a little:

Oranje Tractor Spark Plug Merlot [ at a not too cheap $35 a bottle!! ] is a pretty good sparkling red wine. Sweet ripe fruit characters with lots of delicioiusly plummy merlot fruit. Has good flavour intensity with a lovely mouth feel [ What is that when it is at home??] Finishes nice and clean.

The winery is in the GREAT SOUTHERN region of Western Australia just a few ks from Albany.

Wayne's comment:  Come on guys... lift your marketing game...

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