Friday, 15 November 2013

Elderton Estate Barossa Merlot

Elderton Estate Barossa Merlot
Elderton Estate Barossa Merlot

Until 1992, Elderton had used the small amounts of Merlot produced from the Estate as a blending tool with Cabernet. In 1992, the individual parcel of Merlot was exceptional and the decision was made to make a single varietal that encompassed the best that Merlot had to offer.

The Elderton Merlot has been frequently recognised amongst the five best Merlots in the country, as well as one of the most consistent. The 2011 vintage shows how superb Merlot can be in Australia, when handled well, and this wine sits proudly in our portfolio with its harmonious power and elegance.

Estate Information:

The Elderton vineyard, which is approximately 72 acres in size, has only two small blocks of Merlot. Both of these blocks are towards the back of the vineyard, on the highest point, where the soils are much sandier and free- draining than those closer to the river bed.

With our mediterranean climate, the Baumé reaches 140 to 150 and quite unlike traditional Bordeaux, we have found great results in allowing the fruit to ripen significantly on the vine.

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