Monday, 16 December 2013

Brown Hill Estate 2012 Trafalgar Cabernet Merlot

Brown Hill Estate 2012 Trafalgar Cabernet Merlot

The Merlot was picked on the 25th March. The Cabernet was picked at a variety of ripeness levels over 12 days. The fruit was separately destemmed, crushed and then transferred to tanks. Yeast was added to initiate fermentation which took approximately 10 days at 25 degrees. After the completion of the primary fermentation the wine was allowed to undergo extended maceration for an additional 14 days before the skins were pressed. This allowed the tannins to soften. After pressing the wine was transferred to both tanks and barrels to undergo malolactic fermentation. Once completed the wine was racked off lees and blended then transferred to barrels, of which 25% were new, for 15 months.

The barrels were kept at 16 degrees and were rack and returned using compressed nitrogen, every 3 months. Filtered in late May, the wine was bottled in June 2013

2012 was a text book vintage with minimal summer rain. Although warm, the maximum temperature was not excessive which ensured the grapes ripened slowly and steadily. Picking dates were 5 days earlier than usual.

Region:  Margaret River

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