Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Vale: Lilac Hill Estate Swan Valley last taste Merlot 2008

Lilac Hill 2008 Merlot
I grabbed 2 cases of 2008 Merlot this week from my FAVOURITE Swan Valley haunt - Lilac Hill

And  Stephen the owner said... we close shop for good on December 31st, 2013..

He says that Sunday trading has killed off the Sunday tourist trade in the Valley and it was time to move on...


From the website:

Lilac Hill Estate Wines is a family business owned and managed by Stephen and Amaya Murfit, and located in Caversham in the Swan Valley wine region of Western Australia's Greater Perth area. 

In 1998, the Winery was transformed from yesterdays conventional winery to the custom built, state-of-the-art winery it is today. This allows them to produce wines to the highest standard, generous fresh fruit driven styles that are perfect to drink with or without food. 

The Murfit family have built a strong and reputable following, accordingly Lilac Hill Estate has now become successful in its own right. Winemaker, Stephen's philosophies is to continue the skill of producing high quality fortifieds. Hence we have been setting aside parcels of liqueurs, since he first started making wine, wih their undisclosed methods, these fortifieds are not only enjoyable but also affordable.

James Halliday wrote on his website:
Lilac Hill Estate is part of the renaissance that is sweeping the Swan Valley. Just when it seemed it would die a lingering death, supported only by Houghton, Sandalford and the remnants of the once Yugoslav-dominated cellar door trade, wine tourism has changed the entire scene. Lilac Hill Estate, drawing in part upon 4ha of estate vineyards, has built a substantial business; considerable contract winemaking fleshes out the business even further.

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