Friday, 17 June 2016

2015 Tahbilk One Million Cuttings Merlot

Poor old Merlot gets a gets a bad wrap. It really does. Once the cool kid, it is now way back in the
line, sitting behind the swagger of Pinot Noir and the shiny newness of Nero d'Avola or Tempranillo. But you know what? Good Merlot is delicious. Rich, soft, generous - it can be lovely red wine. And this Tahbilk One Million Cuttings Merlot fits that brief perfectly, showing everything good about Merlot. No need for trickery, no fancy names, just loads of plummy fruit, a liberal dash of spice, all backed up by that trademark varietal generosity. This Merlot has everything you want.

Merlot - we still like you, especially when you taste this good!

Original review published by Crack A Wines

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