Sunday, 17 July 2016

2015 Deakin Estate Merlot

The Merlot conundrum continues to plague the nation, lots of wine folk say Australia don’t do it well but judging by consumer demand we beg to differ. Deakin know how to do good Merlot and here’s the evidence; an easy-drinking red that would work brilliantly with pasta and meatballs. It’s lively with blueberry, plum and chocolate aromas. The palate highlights the cherry with a generous mouthfeel and smoother than smooth tannins.

Original review published by Crack A Wines

Sunday, 3 July 2016

2014 Geoff Merrill Single Vineyard McLaren Vale Merlot

This McLaren Vale Merlot is proper good. So good that we had to stop and check that Geoff hadn't mislabelled one of his special reserve wines. What makes this red great is that the classic Merlot fruit has some proper structure behind it, with actual tannins and flavour making this impressive mid-weight vino. Not that we're surprised, Geoff Merrill has a way with Merlot and a way with McLaren Vale... Are you going to go his way?

If you like Merlot, or have a friend who likes Merlot, or a dog named Merlot, or a dog that drinks Merlot than what are you waiting for - grab some of this today!

Original review published by Crack A Wines