Friday, 17 February 2017

2015 Thorn-Clarke Sandpiper Merlot

This is a ripping value red from Thorn-Clarke, and at 14.5% it's a more full-blooded number. Aromas of fleshy dark plums and sweet blackberries fill the nasal passages, along with whiffs of mint and mocha. The palates is fulsome, soft and fruity, with gentle tannins, friendly acidity, and a sweetly-fruited choc-like finish. It's a great quaff perfect for those impromptu occasions.

Original review published by Crack A Wines

Friday, 3 February 2017

2016 Primo Estate Merlesco Merlot

Here is a wine that doesn't want to baffle you or make you think too much, but what it does want to
do is be a fresh and fruity drink. There's bucket loads of berry fruits on the nose and palate, and it has no harsh tannins, no twangy acidity and very little oak, which means it's easy to drink and highly sipable. Give it a bit of a chill if you like, and enjoy with lamb kebabs.

Original review published by Crack A Wines