Friday, 17 March 2017

2010 Feathertop Merlot

Here's a brightly fruited, choc-coated wine you can crack open and drink with ease. Smells of plums, mint and mocha reach out of the glass and tug the nose hairs, whilst the palate is soft, smooth and sumptuous with a rich plummy centre, dusty tannins, and a mellow, fruity finish. Bring on the pizza!

Original review published by Crack A Wines

Friday, 3 March 2017

2014 Philip Shaw The Conductor Merlot

Not many would associate the Orange region in NSW with Merlot, but the fact is they have been
turning out pretty spiffy Merlots for a while, courtesy of makers like Bloodwood and Philip Shaw. This offering is quite a fruity number, with oak playing a supporting role. Aromas of bright red plums and cherries, with whiffs of earthy savouriness. The palate is more medium-bodied, smooth and red-fruited, with gentle tannins, poised acidity, and a soft, pillowy finish. Just the thing for tomatoey pasta dishes.

Original review published by Crack A Wines