Saturday, 24 June 2017

Asia and Merlot in Midland Western Australia

Grant Burge Merlot

Wednesday evening - what to do when friends visit from Queensland?? We dined out at Chatters Midland, followed the Aussie ritual at an Asian restaurant and ordered 4 different dishes to share.

And a great time was had by all - thanks you Terry and Elizabeth.

And to wash down the delightful food, Terry ordered a Merlot... for once he didn't have to drive and we had come in Joanne's new car so drinking was OK for me!

The Merlot, Grant Burge Merlot,was a great drop from South Australia and I would rate it a 2.8/3 and the .2 off was only due to the fact Chatters marked up the price so it was more expensive than if it were at a bottle shop.

High recommended - the wine, Grant Burge Merlot and Chatters Midland!

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