Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Steak and Merlot in Sydney - remarkable value

Medium Rare Steak washed down with Oyster Bay Merlot

I am in Sydney NSW Australia today and I called in for lunch at the Coronation Hotel in Park Street in the cbd.

My favourite lunch at home in Perth is a medium rare steak [ just steak on a plate ] and a glass of merlot... usually no change out of $ AUS 50 and this is after my favourite lunch haunt has adjusted their prices down!!

So I was a little sceptical when the steak was just $19 and the merlot, a good quality New Zealand Drop Oyster Bay was just $7.50 for a total price of $26.50 we was just a nudge over half my Perth price. What would it be like I wondered.

The steak was perfection... just enough, medium rare and a sharp steak knife. And my Merlot today was, actually is, as I am still sipping it, a delight.

So, lunch in rainy Sydney is a win!!

Wine 3 glasses out of three, steak 9/10 [ The really sharp knife had to be cleaned a bit but that is what happens with dishwashers ] Value 10/10

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